Day One: I want to talk about TURMERIC, the wonderful golden spice mainly produced in India. Will its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers work on my current ailment? Only time will tell.

I have started taking doses of the spice by having a curry last night (er… I love a curry) but mostly by mixing it into my heavenly coconut yoghurt. It tastes quite amazing too.If Ayurvedic medicine has been using turmeric for more than 3,000 years, it’s got to work. Right?I added half a teaspoon to two table spoons of coconut yoghurt, mixed it and ate it. I’ll do this twice a day until I feel the inflammation has gone down.

Day three: This is my third day of regularly using turmeric as an alternative to taking NAPROXEN, which are rather strong painkillers. The idea behind is that if the disc in my lower back is inflamed, hopefully the golden powder will help towards reducing the inflammation. In addition, I am doing some rehab exercises to help the area get stronger, both back and core exercises as one needs to tackle from both angles.
This morning i mixed the powder in my breakfast, and today with my pudding. Back feels a lot better. Pudding was amazing