Fitness and healthy nutritional habits have been on my radar for as long as I can remember. I believe all of the above are key to a healthier lifestyle.

We can’t change the future, however we can implement small changes here and there to pave the way for wholesome years to come. I think that the commitment to SMALL changes is the key to make the BIGGEST transformations happen. I guess personal training could be seen as a form of investment in yourself.  Nurture your desire to work on your “outer” body but, most of all, on you from the inside, by adopting a mindful approach to exercise and nutrition. No miracles happen overnight, sorry. It’s a journey. Fitness comes from within and works its way out.

As a mother of two, I put my freelance career in television as a TV Producer/Director on hold after the birth of my first son who is now 12, thinking I would be eager to go back one day. The career break took a further extension with the birth of my second boy, now 10. I had to work hard to shed my baby fat as I am not naturally “skinny”, for want of a better word. And the hard graft really paid off. I didn’t just feel I was slowly getting back into shape, I was also experiencing great mood uplifts, I was happy and couldn’t get enough of exercising. I have never looked back since.

I would like to share my sources of inspiration with you, to support you in finding the right healthy foods that work for you, to help you keep fit if you are already there, or to work together to get you to a place where you’d much rather be.

Time wasn’t yesterday, and the future is not here yet. TIME is now.


  • Suspended Movement Instructor

  • Circuit Training Instructor

  • Kettle Bell Instructor

  • Boxing for Fitness  (Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy)

  • Total Group Training

  • Pre and Postnatal Exercise Design

  • Nutritional Advisor

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Gym Fitness Instructing

  • First Aid at Work

  • Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

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