One-To-One Private Sessions

I will design a workout that is tailored to you and your fitness and nutrition goals, and will provide you with the knowledge, the motivation and guidance to achieve your full fitness potential. I will push you, while making it fun and a memorable experience.

Group classes on request

Boot camps for adults and/or Juniors and fitness sessions in my studio space or a location of your choice.
Various North London postcodes.


I will meet you at your house, workplace, or wherever you prefer for an initial consultation. If you just want to meet for an initial chat, however, then this can easily happen over a coffee in one of the many coffee houses local to us. Alternatively, if your schedule doesn’t allow a meeting, I can offer you an online consultation, for example via Skype or other technology available.

Your exercise goals depend on your ability to understand your exercise personality and motivators, and that’s where I slot in to help you. Having a clear goal or vision that excites you and pursuing it in an enjoyable way is a great start. I believe it’s all about knowing what makes you tick and pairing intention with action to achieve tremendous fitness results. Depending on your goals and intentions, I will take all the information with me and design a bespoke programme to enable you to reach those goals within a realistic timeframe.

Try my proven method and stick with it, it works! The mode of training will very much depend on your goals, the time you have to exercise, and current level of fitness. The systematic planning of your workouts (periodisation) will be reviewed regularly to adapt the level of intensity at which I will have you train.

I can help you figure out what to eat. Making good exercise and nutrition choices day after day can be challenging. If you have momentary setbacks, accept them and get back on track. By discussing your current eating patterns we can identify what foods might be affecting your mood, energy levels, overall body weight, body mass index and body fat percentage. You won’t go on a diet (dieting is overrated in my books), however I shall support you in meeting your personal nutritional goals, while you say goodbye to some old eating habits!

I will come to your place and adapt the space available to suit your needs, without you having to worry or lift a single finger (you have to save all your energies for the actual workout after all). We don’t need a huge space, however I may come to have a look at it beforehand (at no extra cost) to plan your workout more accurately. We can train outdoors too, weather permitting. It’s amazing how the surrounding environment offers a host of natural training opportunities. I can offer online demonstrations to those clients who can’t travel.

-3, 6, 12 month packages are the most effective in terms of meeting your goals (and financially more attractive too), as a mutual commitment of working together means you will really notice substantial results at the end of that period. Monthly payments required. Several options available.

-You can also purchase blocks of 5 or 10 sessions.

-Small group personal training sessions are also available, with consultations done on a one to one basis. They are usually block bookings of 5 minimum (or more if you wish). There is normally a specific goal tagged to them and I can customise for each one of you attending. The theme could be weight loss for example, or flat tummies, or legs and bums etc. The sessions are cosy and small for this very reason. They also work out cheaper than a one-to-one session.

I trust we can find the right solution to suit you. Let’s chat about any of these!

24 hour notice cancellations will not incur any charge.


Want to run your first 10K? Want a flat tummy? Want bigger muscles? Want smaller thighs? Don’t know what to eat? Arms too fat? Struggling to keep up with your kids? Or you just want to stay healthy?